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Branding Strategy

In today’s fractured, multimedia environment, a single-platform message can easily get drowned out in the background.  This is why integrated Branding Strategy has fast become the key driving force behind some of the most successful advertising strategies in today’s Branding landscape

A brand message which is echoed simultaneously across multiple media channels is better able to communicate to consumers in a powerful, impactful and memorable way. In order to truly get your message across, your integrated marketing campaign needs to deliver a consistent message across the board, so that each media platform utilised feeds into an over-arching narrative strategy that encompasses the total creative conceptualization, and works in congruence to promote the end-goal of the campaign.

Because today’s consumer accesses media via a variety of platforms and devices simultaneously, ESTABLISHING YOUR BRAND PRESENCE EVERYWHERE YOUR AUDIENCE “LIVES” MAKES IT MORE CONVENIENT FOR THEM TO REACH OUT AND RESPOND TO YOU. Typically, an integrated Branding campaign involves the utilisation of multiple traditional and non-traditional media platforms which refer to each other.

Jeicon Advertising delivers an acute knowledge and understanding of how to deliver a successful and impactful integrated Branding campaign, which is best suited to the brand message of a particular client. We track the trends and demographic variables influencing the behaviors of that brand’s target audience, thereby determining the best way in which to craft the right kind of message, and deliver that message with an integrated strategy that best works to reach that audience.

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