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Media Buying & Booking

Finding the most effective means and platforms with which to get your message out there is just as important as the message-crafting process itself; indeed, it forms an integral part of the overall advertising and marketing strategy. That’s where we come in – Jeicon Advertising’s Media Planning and Buying team identifies, strategises and implements the media platforms that are most suited to your specific brand, campaign and budget needs – thereby guaranteeing maximum reach at minimum wastage and healthy return on investment. 

Media planning and buying is both an art and a science. When strategising the perfect media plan for your business, Jeicon Advertising asks the following key questions:

• Who is the target audience, and how many of them can best be reached on which media platforms?
• What is the circulation of each media platforms?
• Which media platforms, divisions and verticals are most closely aligned with your brand, product and advertising campaign message?
• What’s the best frequency level that your ads should be placed at?
• How can the budget at hand be maximised to most optimally align with the highest reach and the correct target audience? 

By considering these factors as part of an integrated process that is seamlessly aligned with the creative message and the client’s advertising objectives, we are able to deliver on optimised market penetration whilst delivering the creative message with maximum impact. 

Our media planning and buying solutions cover the full spectrum of media platform opportunities. Often, the kinds of media platforms and spaces selected form an integral part of the overall creative messaging strategy of an integrated advertising campaign. Furthermore, determining the time slots, bursts, durations and frequencies of an ad’s rollout is a strategic process in itself, which plays as a significant role in the overall success of an ad campaign as the platform and particular publication or media driver that has been selected for the campaign. In this way, we ensure that the right message is delivered to the right audience, at the right places and at the right times, giving you maximum exposure, impact and bang for your buck.

Because we purchase quality media space inventory in bulk, and because of our tactical relationships with media owners, we are able to negotiate media buying solutions for the best media at the best price.

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